Card Kits, Processing & Bar Coding ORDER FORM
Cataloging provided through MediaLog

This form must be completed, printed, and submitted with your order to receive cataloging services.
FAX to:
Attn: Ruth Smith
512-261-6725 FAX


School Name:
    (for bar code labels and/or book pocket labels - up to 30 letters and spaces)
Catalog Card Kits
     Kits and Processing are not available for videos or CD's
Please send me quantity required:
Catalog card kits (1 main entry, 2 shelf lists, subject cards, added entries, date due card, tamper-proof spine label, title card and pocket label, peel and stick book pocket) 99 ea.
Shelf ready processing - Full processing Add $1.25 per title for card kits (labor charge only) does not include price of card kit
Catalog cards only (1 main entry, 2 shelf lists, subject cards, title card, added entries 75 ea.
Main entry cards 15 ea.
Shelf list cards 15 ea.
Spine labels only 10 ea.
Spine labels attached with protector 40 ea.
Transparent spine label and/or bar code label protectors 10 ea.
Book pockets 20 ea.
Label set (Spine label & Pocket label) 25 ea.
Date due slips 20 ea.
Date due card 20 ea.
Data Disk (minimum setup fee) = $15
Please add 15 per record.
Bar code label unattached 10 ea.
Bar code label attached with protector 40 ea.
Extra bar code labels per book 10 ea.
Processing Charge (Subtotal)  
Shipping & Handling (8% with $4.00 minimum)  
Total Due  
Catalog Card Kits Shelf Ready Processing
Spine label location
1 inch from bottom of spine
Book Pocket Location
If card kit is to be attached, please indicate location:
Inside front cover
Inside back cover
Front flyleaf
Back flyleaf
 Bar Coding and Data Diskettes
What software system are you using?
Alexandria     Dynix     Molli
Follet (Circ Plus)     Winnebago
Phone # of this software system 
Type of computer?    IBM or IBM Compatible     Macintosh
Delivery method:    5-1/4"     3-1/2"     CD-Rom
What data format?    87 MicroLIF     91 USMARC (852)     USMARC (949)
What disk density?    HD High Density     DD double density
 Bar Code Label Information
Starting bar code number:  
Bar Code label symbology:
3 of 9     2 of 5     Codabar
3 of 9 MOD10     3 of 9 MOD43
 Bar Coding & Data Diskettes Shelf Ready Processing
Bar Code label location
If bar code labels are to be attached, indicate desired position(s) of bar code label(s) by checking the appropriate box(es) below:

  Clear bar code label protectors to be applied to all attached bar code labels?

Please specify position of bar code label:
 Horizontally (perpendicular to spine of book)
 Vertically (parallel to spine of book, reading up)
 Vertically (parallel to spine of book, reading down)
Outside Back cover Outside Back cover
Inside Back cover Inside Back cover

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