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APO or FPO = city; AE or AP = state*

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Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia - worldwide Usborne Books in English

Spain, Panama, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Puerto Rico  - Ediciones Usborne 

France, Belgium, Switzerland - Editions Usborne

Italy - Edizioni Usborne

Belgium, Netherlands - Uitgeverij Peter Usborne

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For inquiries about Usborne Books in any of these countries, please contact the companies listed above.

In other markets Usborne Books appear in local languages under the names of various local publishers.

Usborne Books are printed in over 50 languages.

For countries not listed here, contact your local bookstores for local publisher information.

1500+ Usborne Books titles are now in publication for babies through adult including these categories:

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*What are APO, FPO, AE, AP addresses?

These are US military designated addresses that allow mail to be delivered to overseas locations at domestic rates.

The format for a military address according to US Postal Service:

Instead of a city and state, these addresses use APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office), along with "AE" (mail going to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and portions of Canada), and "AP" (the Pacifi

So, when ordering online, overseas military addresses are listed as: APO or FPO (city); followed by AE or AP (state); and then the ZIP Code.


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